Bulky Instructions

Bulky and Conversion

Your kit contains:
Base, spine with wheel and treadles, maiden, flyer, whorl, 2 support arms, 3 bobbins, and 2 Kate

Tools you need to provide are:
#2 screw driver, bottle of light weight oil

Assembly Instructions
1. Take all parts out of the box.
2. Place the base with the open T fitting facing up.
3. Insert the short end (without label) of the spine with wheel into the T fitting. Align the
screw holes.
4. Attach the maiden to the top of the spine, once again making sure the holes line up.
5. Standard Bulky Flyer:
a. Put 1 bobbin on the flyer followed by the whorl. Make sure the pin in the whorl connects into
the bobbin.
b. Fit this assembly into the maiden.
c. Put the brake band on the front of the maiden over the brass tube between the wood of the
flyer and the front support.
d. The orifice hook can be hung next to the orifice.
6. Bulky Delta Flyer:
a. On the back of the maiden you will find the hex key needed to remove the collar on the brass
tube of the flyer. Loosen the collar to remove it from the flyer.
b. Put on a bobbin, the whorl with pin inserted into the bobbin.
c. Insert the brass rod into the bearings on the maiden.
d. The brake band fits between the whorl and the maiden bearings. Please see picture on next
e. Put the collar on the brass tube behind the maiden. Make sure to put the hex key back on the
hook tap provided.
f. The orifice hook can be hung below the flyer.
7. Put the drive band around the whorl and wheel.
8. Snap the treadles in place and secure with the hook and loop straps.
9. Snap the support arms on the base and to the maiden. The support arms do have a left and
right that needs to be addressed when using the Lazy Kate Sticks. Then, the holes need to point up
and away from the wheel.
10. Insert the screws into the two holes at the top and bottom of the spine.
11. Enjoy your Babe.

Up Keep
You will need to remember to oil each time you change bobbins. Places to oil are the bearing surfaces on the PVC where the brass of the flyer rests on the maiden, the front and back of the bobbin, under the whorl.

Once a year or as needed clean under the treadle clips and re-lube with petroleum gel. Do not put oil on the nuts holding the brackets at the center of the wheel. A new drive band will be needed when the drive band becomes colored and opaque.

Accessories available for these models
Flyer lead, Standard Bulky or Bulky Delta Flyer, Large Quill, Helix Level Wind Flyer (Standard or
Bulky), Production conversion, Skein winder, and Electric Conversion

72” Drive band
Kate Sticks package of 2 

Bulky Brake band
Bulky bobbins package of 3

4+2-ply Lazy Kate
Treadle Brackets