Care of a Babe and Return Policy

Please Read Before Phoning. Thank You!

After assembling, check to see that all the moving parts turn very freely—the wheel, the flyer and the bobbins. If not, please check your assembly instructions again. Did you use any oil during assembly and before trying out the wheel?

Be sure to oil the three bearing points whenever it is needed. These points are

1. The two PVC sites that the flyer rests on.
2. The leather brake where it meets the flyer
3. At each end of the bobbins.

Repeat when things do not seem to operate smoothly during the use of the wheel.

Drive Band
The polyurethane drive band must be placed on the groove on the back of the bobbin, on the flyer
and set in the groove on the black wheel.

Practice Treadling
Put your feet on the treadles (or electronic foot controller) and practice treadling. You should be moving the big wheel clockwise or to the right. This is called spinning Z. Treadling the wheel should not be hard to do, if it is, please check to see that the wheel was assembled correctly or that there is not too much tension on the brake band.

The Flyer
The flyer will operate once a leader of yarn is attached. The leader is a two foot or longer piece of scrap yarn (or string) that is stuck onto the Babe Aid (the round piece of Velcro on the bobbin). The yarn leader is wrapped around the core of the bobbin two or three times, and then passed through all the hooks or sliding hook, then out through the orifice. The orifice is the brass tube at the front of the flyer.

Holding onto the leader, begin to treadle slowly (or step on the electronic foot controller) in a clock-wise direction. The flyer will start to turn the leader, thus twisting it. Lay your roving onto the twisting lead. The lead will start to pick up the fibers of your roving, twisting them with it. Start feeding (or pushing) the yarn into the orifice. This is spinning. For plying, use two or more singles of spun
fiber, however, treadle in a counter clockwise direction.

As the yarn is spun, it is loaded onto the bobbin. As the bobbin fills with yarn, the yarn should lay flat and even—not high and low—onto the core of the bobbin. If you have hooks on the flyer, stop spinning now and then and move the yarn to the next hook to keep the yarn distribution even on the bobbin.

Leather Brake
The leather brake helps to keep the flyer in place. It also offers some extra pull when necessary. Start with the brake loose. Tighten it a little at a time until it pulls in the yarn like you want it to. If you set the brake too tight, the bobbin and the flyer will become like a single unit. They will twist the yarn but not pull the yarn in.

Refund Policy Reminder
Full Refunds will be granted when the company is notified within 30 days, of the shipping date. Wheels must be sent back in a proper sized box with proper packing if the original box is not available.

Any unauthorized alterations to the wheel without the written instruction/permission from the owners of Babe’s Fiber Garden will cause this warranty to be null and void. The owners of Babe’s Fiber Garden can be reached at

Failure to follow the set up instructions and oil instructions, included with each wheel, will also cause this policy to be null and void.

Thank you! Enjoy the art of spinning your own yarns!
Rob and Bee Hahn
Owners of Babe’s Fiber Garden LLC