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Over the years, the spinning wheel has moved from a functional necessity to a piece of furniture. Although the traditional wooden spinning wheel is beautiful; it is not affordable to many people.

In 1996 the first Babe spinning wheel was introduced to the world. Developed by Nels Wiberg. Babe's Wheels provide people with an inexpensive way to learn the ancient art of spinning, and to experience the joy of turning natural fibers into yarn. A Babes Wheel is a perfect way to get a wheel! And without having to investing in an expensive wooden wheel. The best part is Babe's Wheels work just as well!

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HM Friendship Flyer and Bobbins

The new setup consists of the HM Friendship Flyer, a Ply Bobbin, two Standard (5:1) Bobbins and two Faster Speeds ( 6:1 with a 21:1 grove on the end) Bobbins.  This enables you to spin up two 4 ounce bobbins and ply them with the 8 ounce bobbin and have one large skein.  Some old stock might come with the old set up.  December 7, 2013.

Special Announcement

We made a major change on what comes with the Fiber Starter and Production Wheels.

Made in USA

Special Note!  It is only necessary to register when you purchase.  Feel free to browse the website to learn about spinning fibers into yarn.